My Gym Trainer 6 Pack Workout Binder
Our Price: $40.00
Our Price: $5.00
My Gym Trainer Books
MGT was designed by a certified personal trainer for anyone who wants to generate greater results in the gym: lose body fat, feel energized, tone muscle and keep workouts interesting and effective. The My Gym Trainer series (Books 1, 2 & 3) offer a systematic approach to results, while eliminating the guesswork. This empty binder is the perfect solution to organize and transport your 6-Pack workouts wherever you go! Made of sturdy material to protect your workouts, easy to toss into your gym bag and small enough that it won't take up too much space!  [Note:  This is an empty binder for storing 6 pack workouts if you prefer a binder over the carabiner clips].

Price:  $5 if purchased alone.   FREE with the purchase of 4 or more MTF 6 pack workouts.
***NOTE: we will automatically add the binder free to your order, no need to add it to your cart!
My Trainer Fitness 6 packs
Our Price: $12.00
My Trainer Fitness 6 Packs
Each My Trainer Fitness 6-Pack contains 6 complete strength and cardio workouts, plus tips and information, on take-with-you cards. Use these workouts 3-6-days a week for 1-2 months for less than $1 per workout, or longer, for only pocket change, while reaping huge fitness benefits!